How Many Amp Hours In A 600 CCA Battery?

Though a 600 number in a cold cranking amperage range is not at all the “big cheese” nowadays, it is still marketable number for many a customer demographic. But amp hours are a different story, and it’s another crucial part of the equation. If you are in worry about where the balance of CCA or … Read more

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What Type Of Battery Is In My Car?

If you are asking what type of battery is in my car or your car, then this piece might be of some helpful info for you. Read below and get to know the different types of batteries and why they sell in the market place. And, find out a popular item that maybe should not … Read more

How Does A Car Battery Charger Work?

If this is your first time to observe a charging session, you will want to put safety at the top of the list, especially when battery shelf life is of concern. How does a car battery charger work at the most basic level—we give a layman’s answer in the piece below. We also cover on … Read more